The Sun by PG52
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The Sun is a LEGO GBC Module created by PG52.

You can find his YouTube channel here, including other great LEGO and GBC creations:
PG52's YouTube Channel | PG52's BrickShelf Page

This is the video presentation he created for The Sun:

I got in contact with PG52 with the intention of creating instructions for his module. He provided additional images to help me with this.

The instructions are faithful to the original with only one minor change. There are two parts lists. The original and a version with an alternative curve solution at the bottom of the top ramp.
The instructions are for the original module and also include the alternate curve modification and the support modification as extras at the end.

Instructions (PDF - 26MB)
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Parts list (BSX)
Original Version
Alternate Curve Version
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( LDR/IO file is unlikely to be available any time soon )


Special thanks to PG52 for creating the module and providing additional images.

Thanks to Doug72 for his help testing the instructions. His YouTube Channel.


This module hasn't been tested at an event yet, so it could still have issues which are not yet know.

The module does not currently use a Technic, Gear 24 Tooth Clutch. This means that when a balls gets jammed between the ball loader and the bottom ramp, it will most likely fire said ball across the room!

I am sure a mods will come out to address both the ball jamming issue and the lack of clutch gear.

Reinforced Crank Arm (Doug72)

Doug72 found that the thin liftarms, which was part of pushing the wheel round, lost friction with the axle over time. So here he suggests ways of reinforcing it.

- Technic, Axle 8 with Stop (55013)

- Technic, Axle 9 (60485) -

- 2x Technic, Liftarm 1 x 3 Thin (6632)


- Technic, Axle 8 with Stop (55013)
- 2x Technic, Liftarm 1 x 3 Thin (6632) - Technic, Axle 9 (60485)

- Technic, Liftarm 1 x 3 with 2 Axle Holes and Pin / Crank
- Technic, Liftarm 1 x 3 Thick (32523)
- 2x Technic, Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise WITH Center Slots (2780)

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